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Education is rapidly becoming essential to attaining social mobility and economic stability, especially in an increasingly globalized world where technical skills and knowledge are necessary to participate in the economy. Considering this reality, more educational institutions are seeking to incorporate more short term courses and career training into their curriculums. REACHAID is one of the leading Reach aid charity organization  working for education in both rural and urban Afghanistan to initiate a better future for the unprivileged and the underprivileged children in the country. With its educational program, the Reach aid charity organization  endeavors to ensure an overall development for the children living in rural and urban areas.


In Afghanistan the health system does not deliver as expected to serve the population needs in an effective, efficient and equitable manner. Therefore, the importance of strengthening of public, private and community health systems has been emphasized time and again. In Afghanistan certain weaknesses and gaps in the health systems have been hampering the achievement of improved health outcomes. Public sector in Afghanistan has been deficient in the capacity to deliver equitable and quality health services and thus has been grossly underutilized. REACHAID is charity organization providing services of health and education for the poor and needy in Afghanistan. The major activities of REACHAID includes provision of health care through hospitals and maternal and child health centers. In addition, education for children is provided through formal and informal schools.

Humanitarian aid

Concern is dedicated to creating a world where no one lives in poverty, fear, or oppression. It’s a big, bold, and ambitious vision, but it’s one that we believe can be reached through the right work. Broadly speaking, our work falls into one of two categories: development and humanitarian aid.


Fundraising or fund-raising is the process of seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. Although fundraising typically refers to efforts to gather money for non-profit REACHAID charity organization it is sometimes used to refer to the identification and solicitation of investors or other sources of capital for for-nun profit enterprises.

Social services

Social services are a range of public services intended to provide support and assistance towards particular groups, which commonly include the disadvantaged They may be provided by individuals,  private and non-private organizations  REACHAID  , or administered by a government agency   Social services are connected with the concept of welfare and the welfare state, as countries with large welfare programs often provide a wide range of social services.

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